8 Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Finding an activity that can be enjoyed outdoors is remarkably rewarding, allowing individuals to embrace the benefits of nature, keep active, and even explore the world around them. Choosing an activity that takes place outdoors, however, means that they can quite easily be affected or altogether prevented by the day’s weather conditions.

While this can be problematic, leaving many to ‘hibernate’ their chosen activity during unsuitable seasons, there are actually a number of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed all year round. So, for those looking to pick up a new activity, one that will allow them to explore the outdoors every month of the year, we’re sharing eight of the best outdoor activities to choose from.


Hiking, rambling, and hillwalking; whatever your chosen form of expedition, taking to various landscapes on foot is a marvellously rewarding way to experience nature, allowing you to fully embrace the wild. And, while the colder spells of winter can deter some from the trail, others will simply fill their thermal bottle and add an extra layer, exploring landscapes at a time when few others will be around.


When visiting lakes and shores during on a cold day, many will be surprised to see individuals gladly jumping into the water. This is because cold water swimming, as wild swimming becomes known during winter, has a number of celebrated health benefits.

Paddle Boarding

Those that aren’t ready to plunge into the water on a cold day might still want to enjoy it, which is why paddle boarding in winter remains popular. Those that bring their boards to the water in summer need only bring along a warmer outfit, preferably a wetsuit, and the waterscapes remain open.


You’ll often hear that it isn’t the weather that is unsuitable but, instead, equipment. As such, those who are willing to invest in well-insulated and waterproof gear can find themselves camping contentedly throughout the year, enjoying sunny strolls and cosy fires with equal measure.


For the gastronomes, a summer barbeque can often be a seasonal highlight. However, cold days shouldn’t prevent individuals from entirely writing off an outdoor cookery event. Instead, the fire or oven should become a central part of the activity, bringing people together in a warm and delicious atmosphere.


While it might surprise some, there are plenty of wild ingredients to forage all year round, even during the cold winter months. In fact, the colder periods are considered to be especially bountiful during foraging communities, with certain mushrooms and berries only being found in winter.


Cycling remains a celebrated outdoor activity because it can easily be incorporated into a routine, helping many to commute. On colder days, with a little preparation and a good pair of gloves, cycling can continue. Just be sure, however, that the tires are changed according to surface conditions.


While many will recoil at the idea of surfing on a cold day, there are a number of individuals who are ready to equip their thicker wetsuit at a moment’s notice. With the right gear, and a lot of confidence, surfing can be enjoyed all year round with the colder days being a great opportunity to have the waves all to oneself.

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