Best Ways to Protect Your Phone When Travelling

One of the most important things that you probably cannot leave home without is your phone. If you are going on a trip, your mobile phone will enable you to communicate with loved ones, friends and business colleagues. You may also use it to contact providers about the reservations you made. It also doubles as a camera to capture the beautiful sceneries and your source of information if you need to find something. Since your phone is essential, it’s equally vital that you keep it protected while travelling. Here are some of the best ways to do that.

Use a high-quality phone case

Find one that is sturdy and waterproof. It will protect your mobile device if it accidentally falls. Without a good phone case, it could easily break, and without a waterproof layer and it falls in the water, it will get damaged. If you are going to the beach or swimming pool, it’s best to leave your phone in your hotel room. However, if you prefer to bring it with you, be sure to protect it with a high-quality phone case.

Add a screen protector

It adds another layer of protection to your phone. Use tempered glass for the best safeguard. Similar to a phone case, it also prevents the phone’s screen from breaking easily, especially when it falls. Plus, it even prevents scratches. Without a screen protector, you have the bare screen of your device at risk of breaking with a fall.

Turn off Wi-Fi


If your phone’s Wi-Fi is on, it will automatically attempt to connect to available connections. Connecting to free Wi-Fi can be dangerous because it’s unsecured. Hackers use this vulnerability to attack innocent users to steal personal data. If you want to use the internet, it’s best to use a secured connection that your hotel may provide. Better yet, use your phone’s data if your network allows international access. If not, you can get a prepaid SIM for data usage while in that country. With a prepaid SIM, you can enjoy using the internet for everything, from posting on social media, watching the latest movie on Prime to playing your favourite slot games at all the while ensuring you have a secured connection.

Install the latest software

Before leaving for your trip, be sure to install the newest updates on your phone and apps. These updates fix any new vulnerabilities that might leave your device open to hacking threats. They will keep your phone and apps running smoothly and efficiently.

Use PIN or fingerprint

Do not leave your device without any security. Set a PIN or fingerprint for extra protection. You may need to take an extra step of entering the PIN or tapping your finger to access your phone’s content, but you can have peace of mind knowing that others will not be able to use it if it falls into their hands.

Clear cookies and disable auto-fill

If your cookies are enabled, and others find their way in accessing your phone, they can check the previous pages you visited. They can also log in to your accounts if auto-fill is enabled. So, be sure to disable the auto-fill setting and clear cookies before going on a trip.

In summary

These are simple yet effective ways to protect your phone from physical damage and unauthorised access when travelling. Be sure to do them to prevent your phone from breaking and hacking.


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