Six Essential Accessories For Hiking In the UK

Hiking may seem, on the surface at least, like a relatively simple activity, one that requires little in the way of equipment. A sturdy pair of shoes and some comfortable clothing could easily be seen as the essentials. However, if one is to make hiking a regular activity, one that is enjoyed fully and safely, then a few accessories will be needed.

While many hiking accessories will come down to individual preference, as well as those items that pertain to particular environments, there are a handful that, especially in the UK, remain essential for all hiking trips. So, whether you’re starting out on your first outdoor adventure or want to make your established hobby more enjoyable, we’re recommending six essential accessories for hiking in the UK.


If you’re camping or hiking in the early and late hours of the day, a head torch is essential. Setting up a tent or navigating a trail is made both far easier and safer when a source of light is available without the need for a handheld device. Some might choose to rely upon their phone but multifunction devices tend to lose battery power much more quickly and, as a result, can quickly leave you without any power at all.

First Aid Kit

It only takes a single experience to change a person’s mind regarding the minor encumbrance of a first aid kit. These simple packs, containing essential gauze, bandages, disinfectants, and tweezers, among other items, can make a significant difference in the event of an emergency, preventing physical injury or potential danger from getting any worse.

Waterproof Backpack

When navigating the UK’s landscape, hikers must keep essentials safe and dry. The regular risk of rain means that hiking equipment is often at the risk of getting wet, which can be a problem, especially when such gear is essential for comfort or safety. Waterproof backpacks allow for gear to be carried without concern of water damage, keeping belongings dry and ensuring that even surprise weather changes don’t impact your adventure.


Navigation is a crucial aspect of hiking and even established trails can often cause confusion to those trekking, leading to disorientation, which is why maps remain important. Map apps are brilliantly intuitive and available in a number of ways, including from the Ordnance Survey, but they rely upon phones and, as a result, battery power. Consider, instead, a physical map and, with it, a waterproofing option too, since you might need it!

Insulated Water Bottle

Whether you are stepping out on a cold day or strolling through the summer heat, having an insulated water bottle is highly recommended. This simple design ensures that the internal temperatures of the liquid are kept consistent for a much longer period, meaning that your beverage can not only help you to stay hydrated but warm and cool too.

Rain Jacket

A waterproof jacket is a lightweight and easily compactable addition to your hiking equipment, one that can make a huge difference. In addition to keeping you dry during rainfall, they can also help to keep you warm if temperatures suddenly drop.

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